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Owner's Representative Services

For those of you that cannot afford project failure

The McGee Company is a professional construction consulting firm offering specialized expertise to owners of large capital construction projects. We do not build the building; we make the process of building it better.


Through the application of project management skills, we improve the entire lifecycle of a project from inception, through design, construction and turnover. The McGee Company will increase the probability of project success by reducing conflict, mitigating risk, and the diligent monitoring of budgetary, schedule and quality parameters.


Reasons why other clients have selected us as their owner’s representative:

  • They were given the responsibility for their firm’s construction project while maintaining their other full time responsibilities.

  • The in-house resources were challenged by the project(s) either because of the complexity, size or both.

  • They were frustrated with their designer(s), contractor(s) or both.

  • They were unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable with the construction process.


The McGee Company’s experienced leaders are strong advocates for our clients; the success of the project is too important to leave to the less experienced.

We manage the design and construction process to our client’s definition of project success; their budget, scope, quality and time parameters.

The McGee Company helps take the project pressure off of our clients allowing them to pursue their business... clients allow us to do what we do best, which allows our clients to do what they do best.

We are in the business of providing our clients with peace of mind and giving our clients control of their construction projects.

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