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Scheduling Services

The McGee Company offers you a variety of project scheduling solutions. Very often the scheduling aspect of a project is given only the most miniscule amount of effort; perhaps because it is perceived as too complicated, too time consuming, or just too difficult to maintain and manage. However, the overall success of any project is rooted in an appropriately thought out and executed schedule. Useful schedules do not have to be unruly, unusable or intricate networks of spaghetti. Schedules are a tool, based on real input/output that can be monitored and evaluated on a regular basis. This in turn allows the project team to react and respond accordingly to whatever issue is created whether it is a threat or opportunity.

  • Scheduling Development

    • Activity/duration/logic

    • Resources / cost loaded

    • Updates

  • Schedule analysis

    • field evaluation

    • Contractor/subcontractor data evaluation

    • Resource evaluation

  • Schedule/time claim analysis

    • Claim development

    • Claim defense

The McGee Company is experienced with all elements of CPM scheduling, including, but not limited to, the items mentioned above.

The McGee Company is able to work within the most common software packages such as Primavera Project Planner (P3) and Microsoft Project.


The McGee Company puts the power of time control in your hands to properly plan, monitor, and execute your project plan to a successful completion.

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