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Cost Estimating Services

The McGee Company’s conceptual cost estimating services will provide you and your clients with accurate estimates as well as fundamental good advice regarding budgets, constructability, design completeness, value engineering and numerous other aspects of the construction process. Conceptual cost estimating has consistently been a core business focus of the McGee Company for the past 18 years.

  • The McGee Company estimating team has a combined estimating experience of over 70 years.

  • Our experience includes a variety of building and client types.

  • Our educational background and experience allows us to generate a significant amount of detailed data with very little documentation. This is critical in the early stages of a project when budget development is important.

  • In addition to our conceptual estimating skills, the entire estimating team has significant contractor estimating

  • experience, allowing us to accurately estimate other project cost drivers such as phasing and existing conditions.

  • Our varied background and experience allows us to understand the cost drivers early on so that we can advise the designers to provide the information that will result in the most accurate estimates.

  • Due to our continuing Owner’s Representative work:

    • We constantly have access to contractor/subcontractor/supplier resources to validate special construction issues and equipment.

    • We constantly have access to the impact of outside economic and global actions that can affect the cost of construction (i.e. Hurricane Katrina)

    • We are constantly involved in the change order negotiation process and understand the impact that documentation has on the cost of construction.

  • We are committed to continued education and knowledge.

  • We are committed to LEED and understand the cost impact of sustainable design.

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